Friday, December 24, 2010

Zazemi at Cannon Mine Coffee

Dave and I went to see our good friend, Eric Permut, and his jazz band, Zazemi, perform at a local coffee shop last week. They brought out a great crowd and the Cannon Mine Coffee shop was packed with fans. We got to sit with Eric's family, which was a treat. Here are some shots. The band sounded great! That's Eric on the electric bass.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Decorations

I put up my Christmas decorations early this year so that I could enjoy them during the season. Here are a few shots.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talking on the Radio

Our Steel Pennies band did a recording of a Christmas song to send out for some marketing. We got pretty tired of working on 'Joy to the World', but we got it done. I mailed it out to a lot of the public radio stations and we crossed our fingers for some airplay. I felt confident it would get played on our local Boulder station KGNU, and just to make sure I asked my friends Dan and Gail to request it on the Saturday morning bluegrass show.

Gail called in the request and Dan emailed me, and we waited. Every time that they were going to play a holiday tune, I thought it was ours and it wasn't. Finally, the DJ, Jack, announced that he had had a request for our song, but was unable to locate the CD! I couldn't believe it and was sorely disappointed, thinking we'd have to wait until next week to hear it. I had mailed them the CD almost a week earlier; it was probably sitting on someones desk.

Dave suddenly jumped up and suggested that I drive in and take them another CD. When I looked at the clock, I knew I had time. The show would run for another hour and a half. So he burned a CD and slapped our Santa Claus label on it, and I took off into Boulder. My mission was to drop off the CD. Little did I know that Dave called the radio station as soon as I left and told them that I was coming and to have me talk on the radio about our band.

I was a little intimidated when I got there and Jack invited me in and asked me to talk on the show. But it went well; I talked about the band and our band members and our next show. Then, he played the song. Overall, a great success and some publicity for our band.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quiet Thanksgiving

We had a quiet Thanksgiving at home. Dave asked me to not fix so much food, so I tried not to, but we still ate too much. It was a good day; we at at around 3:00 p.m., and I got to talk with my family in Kentucky and find out what all food they were having.

One thing I really enjoy about special dinners is setting the table with things that I have collected over the years. The tablecloth for this meal is an antique drape that I bought years ago in my favorite antique store in my Kentucky hometown. I also moved an orchid from the sunroom to our library table where we ate for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waiting for an Orchid to Bloom

This is a new orchid that I have sitting on the table in our sunroom where we typically eat dinner. Dave and I are both waiting for it to bloom. It is taking its time--the bud was there when I bought it three weeks ago. I don't know the exact color it will be--should range from pinkish or lavender to white.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Giving Lucille Her Medicine

My cat, Lucille, is hyperthyroid and has to take a pill every other day. She only weights six pounds, but it is quite the battle getting that pill down her. Dave and I have to do it together. He holds her and I open her mouth and throw in the pill and some days she bites me and some days she doesn't.

This photo is taken right before medicine time. You see that Dave and Lucille are quite relaxed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moore at the Gardens

I visited the Denver Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago, before the weather changed and winter arrived. I went to enjoy the serenity of the gardens and had forgotten that the Henry Moore sculptures were there. Henry Moore was an English sculptor and artist, who is known for the abstract monumental bronze works that are used as public art around the world. (I got that out of wikipedia). The Denver Botanical Gardens has some of these works on display and so it was a treat for me to see them.

I took a lot of pictures that are posted below. I noted in the reading that this set of sculptures were first displayed at the New York Botanical Gardens, and then Atlanta. Denver is their last stop before they travel back home to England by boat.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Orchid on My Bedside Table

Every since I saw in the Martha Stewart magazine, a picture of her bedside table with an orchid on it, I wanted one, too. I am uninitiated in orchids until recently. David bought me one years ago, and it promptly died--or so I thought. Last Valentine's Day, he gave me another one and that one is doing well. I have given it attention and care, and went to a class at the orchid store where I learned enough to know that the earlier orchid probably wasn't dying when I threw it out.

My friend, Sharon, has a ton of orchids--she got the bug last year. This past week, I was at the orchid store and she came walking in. So, she toured me all around showing me different orchids. I bought a couple more. The experiment continues.

Martha Stewart has greenhouses, where she keeps her orchids and she rotates them in and out of her house--including on her bedside table.

Well, my bedside table has an orchid now and I am quite proud of it. It is blooming and draws the eye immediately when one walks into the room. After it finishes blooming, it will move downstairs to the sunroom with the couple of others that I have.

One thing I have learned: many people think that orchids are hard to grow and maintain. Sharon says they really aren't. I guess I will find out.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Midway through the summer, I noticed two plants that were growing in the beginning of a new perennial bed. I didn't know where they came from, as I hadn't planted them. Throughout the end of the summer and the fall, they have continued to flourish. I was suspicious that they came from my friend, Sharon's, garden when I moved some peonies from her place to mine back in the Spring. The mystery plants were beside the peonies. In fact, they look like they might choke out the peonies.

I took a couple of pictures and sent them to Sharon, asking if she knew what they were and indicating my belief that they might have hitchhiked in from her garden. She thought they might be giant poppies, which she has out there where we dug up the peonies. She said the poppies really get big in the fall. So, that's what I think they are. I'll have to move them in the Spring, but I am interested in seeing if they come back and bloom.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fat Boy

I came upon this picture when I was putting together a small digital picture frame for my desk. This is 'Fat Boy.' He was the apple of my eye. I lost him nearly five years ago to kidney failure. We had him only 8 or 9 years.

He came to us from the Humane Society and was brought there as a stray. At the pound, they called him Oliver, but we promptly renamed him Fat Boy. After I brought him home, he wouldn't come out of the basement for six weeks. Sometimes he would sit down there and caterwaul until I went down and got him and put him on the couch with me. Even after he mustered the courage to come upstairs on his own, he was still shy and retiring--always ready to beat a hasty retreat.

David was always concerned when our vet would send out the notification to come and get Fat Boy's annual shots. The postcard was typically addressed to 'Fat Boy Patton.' Dave was afraid that the mailman might think that card was meant for him (Dave).

One of Fat Boy's favorite things was to sit beside me on the couch when I was watching television and he would put a paw on my leg as we sat there together. It was darling. When Lucille came to live with us, she didn't care for him, but he admired her greatly. He was just a sweetie-pie. I still miss him.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Harvest Table 2010

I always like to have a harvest themed centerpiece on the table in the fall. Here's the one for this year.

The squash came from several different local places. The tablecloth I got in Savannah, my favorite city. I thought the candlesticks were a nice contrast. They came from the Peachtree Gallery in my hometown of Owensboro, KY.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Blue Bear Gig

One of my favorite gigs we did this summer was the Blue Bear gig. Dave, Terry and I were sidemen for Mike Marsh, playing at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver for a doctor's convention. We played just inside and up an escalator at a spot right before the attendees entered the exhibit hall.

The blue bear has been peeking into the convention center for five years now. He is a 40 feet tall steel sculpture by artist Lawrence Argent, and his official art name is "I See What You Mean."

I had never seen the bear in person--only pictures of him in the newspaper--and I was just delighted to be playing with him looking in upon us. When I realized we were going to the convention center, I still didn't remember or realize that the bear would be there, but as soon as I saw him, my heart lifted.

The Blue Bear is very popular among Denverites and those from the ouskirts like me and I can see why--he's just fun! After we finished playing, I lined up next to all the tourists to snap shots of him. He made my day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Gaither Homecoming

An acquaintance of mine asked if I wanted to join her and her parents at the Gaither Homecoming event in Broomfield last Friday. She knew I might have some interest because I admire Ben Isaac's bass playing very much, and his family band, The Isaacs, play in the Gaither shows now.

I had no idea what the Gaither shows were all about. I found out. I categorize the Gaither show as a huge gospel extravaganza--very Christian-focused. There were probably ten acts that were part of the show. Bill Gaither is the founder of these shows and serves as the master of ceremonies. In the first half of the shows, he introduced the other acts and they would come out and perform. In the second half of the show, all of the performers sat in chairs on stage throughout.

The auditorium was probably 80 percent full-- and that means there were over 5,000 people there. There were two large screens on either side of the stage that showed what was happening on stage throughout the show.

The singing was extraordinary. I guess that is what the Gaither shows are known for.

I heard the Isaacs last June when I went to the ROMP bluegrass festival in Owensboro, KY. I knew that they were really good. They are pretty Hollywood, too. The two daughters were channeling the Dixie Chicks with their costumes.

Ben Isaac's bass playing was just as excellent as I knew it would be. Gives me something to strive toward.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Garden 2010

My garden had its ups and downs this year. I was very successful with carrots, corn, cabbage, and onions.

The rabbits and a squirrel ruined my hopes for spaghetti squash and cantelope. They even ate the squash blossoms. Dave took care of the rabbit problem once they caused so much damage and shot them all.

The beets I grew were a mixed bunch. I left them in the ground too long, and some of them looked like they came from outer space.

One of our peach trees was laden down with fruit. I even made a peach crisp.

Well, it wasn't my best garden ever, but I am definitely looking forward to next year!