Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tough Week at the Patton Household

On last Tuesday night, I started having some body aches and knew that something was coming. Little did I know how bad it would be. I ended up with a full-fledged case of the flu and emailed my girlfriend to cancel our lunch on Thursday and tell her that I had never been this sick in my adult life. All I could do was lay in bed and pray to get better. Dave moved to the guest room so that he wouldn't get it. Somehow he hasn't, although he is normally the one who gets sick and I am rarely ill.

In the midst of this, on Thursday we woke up to our entire house smelling of skunk. It was awful. The dog was initially deemed the culprit, although it seemed like her smell of skunk was not nearly as bad as our whole house! Dave gave her a bath and we opened windows and turned on fans for two days. It seemed like the skunk must have exploded next to the heat vent from our stove that runs to the front porch. The smell seemed to be coming into the house through that vent, even though it has a cover on it. By Saturday, there were just small pockets of the smell in the house. It has been a huge pain.

Friday I went to the doctor and my temperature was 102 degrees. She sent me back to bed and told me to stay away from other people until Monday, by which time she felt it would have run its course. I still had some fevers on Saturday but was starting to feel better. Missed playing music at my jam, though.

This morning, I woke up feeling better. I got up and got the newspaper and let the dog into the backyard. I could hear her barking at something and when I let her in a few minutes later--phew!! She had been skunked again and I immediately banished her back outside. That damn skunk.

At least I feel better. And the skunk smell didn't get in the house this time. But Dave's going to have to give her another bath--one of his least favorite chores.