Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playing in the Opry Show at the Bertolin Barn

Dave and Terry and I were invited to play in a country music show channeling the Grand Ole Opry at the Bertolin Barn. Jim Bertolin has a facility that resembles an old barn where he conducts bluegrass and country music shows. For the show, we did four songs as The Stanley Brothers. Then, Dave and I also played with our friend Jon Garson and did Reno and Smiley.

We had a great time. For the Stanley Brothers ensemble, Jim Bertolin (guitar) and Clarke Wright (fiddle) joined us and we did "How Mountain Girls Can Love," "Will You Miss Me," "Big Tilda," and "Rank Stranger." "Will You Miss Me" was a new song for me and I am always excited to learn something new.

Dave and Jon went to Walmart and bought matching shirts to wear for the Reno and Smiley segment. They were quite cute. You can see the shirt that Dave is wearing in the picture above when Dave took a turn as emcee. The songs we did in that section were "Talk of the Town," and "Banjo Signal."

The show was just so much fun. I was thrilled to be performer there along with some really great musicians. Everybody took their parts really seriously. I took some pictures of some of the acts after we finished performing.

The local Boulder newspaper also did a story on the show with some pictures and video, and Dave and Terry even had their pictures in the print edition of the paper.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

Our friends, Sebie and Tracy Denson played in the Jimmy Martin segment, which was one of my favorites. Sebie put on quite a show and is one heck of an entertainer.

This was the Bob Wills band.

Kristina Murray played Loretta Lynn and she was fabulous!

Here are two ace flatpickers: Jamie Davis and Taylor Sims.

This is Jim Bertolin, who owns and runs the shows at the Bertolin Barn.

Terry also played in the Roy Acuff group and did an awesome job as Roy.