Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dave's Bird Rescue

Recently, I noticed a robin hanging around out in the yard. It seemed unable to fly, and I noticed it off and on as I worked in the garden one weekend morning. I mentioned this to Dave and he put on a couple of heavy-duty work gloves and marched out to investigate. He captured the bird pretty easily and it had a white string hanging out of its mouth. Dave removed the string and sent it on its way; he said he didn't know how it would do, but he had done his part.

Less than a week later, I was in the garage puttering around and as I was going inside, I lowered the garage door, and before I got inside the house, I heard a clamor. I stood for a minute, wondering what the racket was, and then saw it--a hummingbird was inside and banging against the window, trying to escape. Of course, I called for the local bird rescuer. As I opened the garage door back up, we watched to see if the little bird would find its way out; it didn't, so Dave got a broom and guided it over to freedom.

Last summer, there was another robin hopping around our yard, with a white stripe around its neck. Initially, we though it was a foreign object, but after observing him, decided it was a pattern on his feathers. I named him Stripe and we saw him around for a few weeks. It was kind of fun to see him out there and recognize him--how often does that happen?