Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talking on the Radio

Our Steel Pennies band did a recording of a Christmas song to send out for some marketing. We got pretty tired of working on 'Joy to the World', but we got it done. I mailed it out to a lot of the public radio stations and we crossed our fingers for some airplay. I felt confident it would get played on our local Boulder station KGNU, and just to make sure I asked my friends Dan and Gail to request it on the Saturday morning bluegrass show.

Gail called in the request and Dan emailed me, and we waited. Every time that they were going to play a holiday tune, I thought it was ours and it wasn't. Finally, the DJ, Jack, announced that he had had a request for our song, but was unable to locate the CD! I couldn't believe it and was sorely disappointed, thinking we'd have to wait until next week to hear it. I had mailed them the CD almost a week earlier; it was probably sitting on someones desk.

Dave suddenly jumped up and suggested that I drive in and take them another CD. When I looked at the clock, I knew I had time. The show would run for another hour and a half. So he burned a CD and slapped our Santa Claus label on it, and I took off into Boulder. My mission was to drop off the CD. Little did I know that Dave called the radio station as soon as I left and told them that I was coming and to have me talk on the radio about our band.

I was a little intimidated when I got there and Jack invited me in and asked me to talk on the show. But it went well; I talked about the band and our band members and our next show. Then, he played the song. Overall, a great success and some publicity for our band.

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