Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Orchid on My Bedside Table

Every since I saw in the Martha Stewart magazine, a picture of her bedside table with an orchid on it, I wanted one, too. I am uninitiated in orchids until recently. David bought me one years ago, and it promptly died--or so I thought. Last Valentine's Day, he gave me another one and that one is doing well. I have given it attention and care, and went to a class at the orchid store where I learned enough to know that the earlier orchid probably wasn't dying when I threw it out.

My friend, Sharon, has a ton of orchids--she got the bug last year. This past week, I was at the orchid store and she came walking in. So, she toured me all around showing me different orchids. I bought a couple more. The experiment continues.

Martha Stewart has greenhouses, where she keeps her orchids and she rotates them in and out of her house--including on her bedside table.

Well, my bedside table has an orchid now and I am quite proud of it. It is blooming and draws the eye immediately when one walks into the room. After it finishes blooming, it will move downstairs to the sunroom with the couple of others that I have.

One thing I have learned: many people think that orchids are hard to grow and maintain. Sharon says they really aren't. I guess I will find out.

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