Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Blue Bear Gig

One of my favorite gigs we did this summer was the Blue Bear gig. Dave, Terry and I were sidemen for Mike Marsh, playing at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver for a doctor's convention. We played just inside and up an escalator at a spot right before the attendees entered the exhibit hall.

The blue bear has been peeking into the convention center for five years now. He is a 40 feet tall steel sculpture by artist Lawrence Argent, and his official art name is "I See What You Mean."

I had never seen the bear in person--only pictures of him in the newspaper--and I was just delighted to be playing with him looking in upon us. When I realized we were going to the convention center, I still didn't remember or realize that the bear would be there, but as soon as I saw him, my heart lifted.

The Blue Bear is very popular among Denverites and those from the ouskirts like me and I can see why--he's just fun! After we finished playing, I lined up next to all the tourists to snap shots of him. He made my day.

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