Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Our friend, Dave Williams, gave us tickets to see Etown a couple of weeks ago. It was right before RockyGrass, and there were two guests: The Del McCoury Band (one of our favorite bluegrass bands) and Eddie Kowalczyk (an indie rocker kind of guy). We were thrilled to have the chance to go.

Etown is always interesting, as there really isn't anything quite like it. You sit in the audience while they record the radio show. Sometimes they stop and ask you to clap again as they re-record a transition. Nick and Helen Forster (Nick is from Hot Rize) are the hosts, and they have been doing this so long that they are polished and seasoned. Over the years they have interviewed musicians from all genres of music, and must be doing well, as they are in the process of renovating their own building (the Etown Hall) at 15th and Spruce in Boulder.

The individual interviews and performances the night we were there were great. But my favorite was the finale. The McCoury's and Eddie played together with Nick, Helen and the Etones (the house band). The McCoury guys and Eddie had never played the song before they practiced it earlier in the day; it was amusing to see the way they were all straining to read the words off the music stands! The song they did was by Bob Dylan and they really rocked: "I Ain't Gonna Work on Maggie's Farm No More." I tell you, it was one of those 'That's Entertainment' moments!

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