Friday, July 24, 2009

Botanical Gardens Concert: The Wallflowers

A trip to the Denver Botanical Gardens is such a treat. When the reason for the trip is a concert, you are pretty much on sensory overload. Dave and I had tickets to see the Wallflowers. We took a picnic, ate our dinner, and then strolled around the gardens, listening to the music, which can be heard clearly throughout. My favorite song was Jacob Dylan's "One Headlight." Here are some of the sights we saw.

At the Monet water garden.

One of so many beautiful plantings.

This is an espalliered tree, an apple tree built to grow upon a frame. I want Dave to build me such a frame so I can try this technique.

Dave, posing!

We came upon three sleeping beauties!

I am always interested in what they are doing with the vegetable gardens. I liked the growing screens, made of 2x4 and chicken wire. I am going to build one to try myself next year.

I have never had much luck in getting peas or beans to grow up these kind of poles.

The only dark spot of the evening was when I started down my favorite pathway at the Gardens and found that all of the crabapple trees that lined one side were gone. These are the remaining ones, on the opposite side of the path.

This is the sight where there used to be crabapple trees.

This is what that fence hid--a mountain of dirt full of root balls. I was speechless. I still am.

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