Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue Canyon Boys Show at the BandShell

Even though it has rained every day for the last two months (or nearly), it didn't occur to us that the 4th of July might be the same. We packed up our camera, and headed out to the Boulder BandShell to see the Blue Canyon Boys.

It was pretty as we drove into town; we were sure we'd get a break. Once we got there, the City of Boulder staff made sure to do a lot of talking about their various sister cities, while the audience anxiously watched the clouds rolling in.

The Bandshell is a great place. When we first moved here, it was in disrepair and nearly torn down. Thankfully, the city decided to renovate it instead. It's a great place to go hear music, right in the middle of Boulder, close to the Boulder Creek.

Well, after two or three songs it started to sprinkle. Then it started to rain. Then it started to pour. Ugh. We moved under the trees to try to stay halfway dry. We lasted quite a while. The rain stopped; the sun peeked through. BUT when the clouds started to come in again, we headed for the car. The Blue Canyon Boys sounded great.

We finished up the day at the house of our jamming buddy, Barry, and his wife, Penny, for a great barbeque, potluck and pick. Overall a good holiday.

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