Monday, June 29, 2009

Wall Pockets

I have a few wall pockets mounted around my house. I figured out some years ago that you don't come across that many wall pockets west of the Mississippi. Back in Kentucky, though, you might happen across wall pockets all over the place: in homes, as well as antique and junk stores. Over the past few years, they multiplied like bunnies on ebay.

A wall pocket is a little ceramic vase that is designed to hang on a wall and hold flowers. At least, that is my definition. The one above is one of mine, made by the Hall company, a business that manufactured china and ceramics. I bought it some years back at the Owensboro Antique Mall when I was home one year.

Wall pockets can be silly, whimsical, pretty or plain. Here is one that was made by McCoy, another company famous for cookie jars, vases, and lots of beautiful and interesting ceramics. This one hangs in my bathroom.

This is one of my favorites, and it sits on the top of my desk.

It depicts a clock (with a time of 7:20!). I purchased it in my favorite place, Savannah. It was no surprise to me to find a lovely wall pocket there, shoved in the corner of a shelf in a junk store. Unlike the others, it does not have any identifying marks on the back or bottom. The big manufacturers, like McCoy, had their name marked on the pieces; this is critical in identifying the high value pieces today. There are many wall pockets and vases that are similar to McCoy, but with no mark to tell who the maker was. Even though it is unmarked, I love this little clock the best of all of my collection, because I think it is so beautiful and it came from Savannah.

This is another unmarked pocket. I bought it in Owensboro and liked it because the colors match the clock and the Hall wall pocket. It hangs in our sunroom.

So, that is all I have to say today about wall pockets.

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