Friday, June 5, 2009

Lucinda Williams Concert at the Denver Botanical Gardens

Well, the weather had been so rainy and iffy, that Dave and I expected to be drenched with rain throughout the show. We had seen Lucinda at the gardens about 3 years ago and really wanted to hear her again, so we packed up our stuff and made sure we had jackets and hats and a blanket.

To our delight, it didn't really rain--just sprinkled a couple of times. Nothing like the torrential downpour we expected. We snuggled under our blanket and were right cozy.

It was a typical scene from these shows. Lots of families and children and music afficionados.

Lucinda was in good shape. Last time, her hair was blonde, and she was totally wasted, swaying on stage and drinking who knows what out of three different cups. This time her hair was dark brown and she appeared to be sober and clean. She was also completely self-absorbed. She didn't interact with the audience at all, except to complain about the sound level restriction which she resented. She only introduced each song and that was about it. After a song, she walked back to speak with her band, not even acknowledging the applause. It's the way she is.

You can see her in the picture--she's wearing an orange shirt. The music was really good. BUT she didn't play my favorite songs--"Jackson" and "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road." The emphasis was on tunes that she had on a new album.

Towards the end of the show, Dave and I walked down to the Monet Deck, next to the lily pond. There are large trees hanging over that deck--it really is reminiscent of the Les Tuileries in Paris. Well, to our astonishment, those trees were decked out in tiny lights. It was so spectacular. Dave tried to get a picture--you can't really tell, but here is a shot.

Overall, a fun night.

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