Thursday, May 28, 2009

Steel Pennies at the All Colorado Bluegrass Festival

Our band was fortunate enough to be asked to play at the first All Colorado Bluegrass Festival, in Castle Rock. Each of the bands were regional groups and got to perform two sets, one on the main stage and the other on the acoustic stage.

The main stage was pretty intimidating. The seating was for over 3,000 people and the bluegrass crowd did not begin to fill it up. Our friend, Dan, recorded a video for us of our performance on that stage, and we weren't too displeased with it when we watched it later as a group. Dave gave us a C+. I guess the thing is that it was our first time to a crowd this big and we didn't really screw things up. Yay!

Here's a few shots provided by our friend and my home boy, Tom Stuart.

I had some fun announcing Dave's original song, "Castle in the Cumberland" and dedicating it to some Kentuckians in the audience (the song name is the nickname for the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville).

A couple of hours later, we performed on the acoustic stage, which was really a small rudimentary stage set up in a classroom-like space. Dan took this shot of us; he and Gail sat in the front row, and Jim Fisher sat in the next-to-last row. It was great seeing their familiar faces.

We had a great time both performing and interacting with our friends and the other musicians!

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