Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Terrarium

I have had this terrarium for probably six or seven years. It is lovely; I think it came from a shop called the West End Gardener. Dave gave it to me for a birthday or Christmas. It sits in our sunroom but for all these years, it has never been home to a single plant. Until now.

This week we went to a greenhouse one day, to satisfy my longing for Spring to hurry itself along. While there, we decided to get some plants for the terrarium. We picked and pondered and finally came up with six little plants. When I got home, I cleaned out the terrarium of some junk it had somehow accumulated. David lined the bottom of it with a plastic bag that he cut up. Then I situated the plants--still in their pots. That was the way I had seen it done at the Botanical Gardens. The final touch was to surround the pots with Spanish Moss, which made the plants appear to be growing from it.

Well, I think it turned out right nice. We'll see how they do. The plant on the right side of the terrarium (looking at it) is a caladium. I love this plant, as it is grown so much in the south, and especially in my favorite city of Savannah.

I have been keeping track of things inside--watering and spraying. I wonder why it took me so long to plant this thing?

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Tanglefoot said...

It looks great! Molly showed it to me.