Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hair Cut

I decided to find another option for cutting my hair. My hairdresser, Veronica, trims the ends and charges me $30. She does a great job on the color, but I don't need her expertise for the trim.

I have really been wanting that trim. Almost two years ago, my thyroid medication got out of whack and a bunch of my hair fell out. So up until yesterday, I had some long hair that survived the thyroid disaster, and was longer than all the rest of my hair. I got tired of that clump hanging down there. I wanted the hair to be more even--it was going to take chopping three or four inches off to be where I was happy with it.

I did some research, found a coupon, and decided I could get it cut a block away from my house for $9.95. Okay--a savings of $21.05. That works.

Except when it came time to go, I was sitting in a meeting with Dave and our friend Dan, and I decided that maybe Dave could trim my hair just as well as the chain place down the street. After Dan left, I went and got some scissors and told Dave I wanted him to cut my hair.

I was surprised at his reaction. He got kind of stressed out and only did it under duress. He refused to use the scissors I gave him; said he wanted to use a better pair. As I knew he would, he did a great job. It was all even--about four inches lopped off. He was still stressed after it was over--asked me if I was sure I liked it. It turned out just how I wanted it to.

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Tanglefoot said...

He does a much better job with hair than Kona! I'm very impressed!