Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Sisters Visit Colorado

My two sisters, Leslie and Karen, made a visit to Colorado last week. It was a wonderful treat for me to see and spend time with them. I am the oldest. Leslie, who comes behind me in line, had last been here about four years ago. Karen, the youngest of us three, was last in Colorado in 1992, and had never seen my current house.

We went up to Estes Park on one of the days they were here. I really hadn't planned it, but we ended up driving to the top of Trail Ridge Road. It was perfect--they really enjoyed it and what spectacular views. Once we parked at the alpine visitor's center, we hiked up the trail to the top, and then after returning down, we had lunch at the Cafe in the Clouds. The food was good--barbeque!

Here are some shots. Karen and I are taking in the views.

Elk grazing in the distance.

Karen conquers the peak.

After we got back down to Estes Park, we stopped at the Stanley Hotel to have a look around and talk about how scary "The Shining" was. Then we zipped back to Louisville to pick up David and go to the Friday night Street Faire. We stopped at my friend, Janet's, frame shop and then headed over. While wandering around, we ran into my friend Catherine and her visitor, Holly. Here is a shot that David took of all six of us 'girls'.

The next afternoon, we went over to Catherine's house for a cocktail. Ian, her ex, was there and it was a wonderful visit. Here are Leslie, Karen, Catherine, and Ian.

With my dear friend, Catherine.

The Foster Sisters.

That evening, we packed up a picnic and went to see "To Kill A Mockingbird" at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. It was just about perfect--a wonderful way to end the visit. The next morning I took them to the airport. I can't wait until they come back!

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