Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jammin' at Holly and Greg's House

Eric is trying to hide behind his banjo during the jam at Holly and Greg's house. Holly and Greg had the jam because Matt Miller was in town, from Pennsylvania, doing some job interviews. As it turned out, Holly wasn't at the jam. Her BFF chose that time to have her baby; Holly was at the hospital with Angie, watching the little boy pop out.

Nevertheless we had a great time. Holly was planning on making a peach pie; when she didn't arrive, Matt and his brother, Brian, filled in and made the pie--it was really a cobbler. It was super delicious and they were quite cute checking the recipe as they worked on it.

Here's Matt, the guest of honor, playing a banjo of Dave's. Dave's always pleased with an opportunity to show off his instruments. You can see Eric in the background, up to some monkey business.

Cindy felt more like knitting than picking.

In this picture, you can see Matt, Eric, Bob, and Dave (Dave and Matt appear to be engrossed in talk about banjos). Jill was there (you can't see her face), playing some clawhammer; Dave Goldhammer showed up better late than never; Paul, Holly's brother was fiddlin' off to the side in the kitchen, and Holly and Greg's roommate's mother was online, playing banjo with us in Minnesota. Yep, it was rockin.'

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