Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bob Haxel's 50th Birthday

Bob Haxel, one of our jamming pals, celebrated his 50th birthday on August 22. Dave had a wedding gig to play at, so Eric and I teamed up again to head up the mountain. I knew Bob and Cindy lived past Pinecliff; as Eric navigated down a forest road, I couldn't believe how far back they lived in the woods. Eric had been there before--we still had to turn around once. When we arrived, folks told us we had done well with only turning around that one time.

Here's the birthday boy himself, getting ready to play a set with his band. That's Cindy on the bass behind him.

Ritchie, Eric, and Paul are enjoying some of the loads of great food on hand.

There's Holly, back from a ten mile hike.

Jill is socializing and munching.

Cindy was a busy hostess. There were probably 100 people there, and a bunch of dogs!

The cutting of the cake took place signaling the end of the 'formal' entertainment.

Then the jamming commenced. The only damper on things came from the big fire--it sometimes blew smoke right on us and we had to maneuver around to stay out of it. I had a lot of fun jamming with Dave Goldhammer, Steve Remmert, Eric, Caleb Olin, Fred, and various others who came in and out of the circle. It was some good pickin'.

Finally, Eric and I loaded up and headed for home (an hour's drive). We got in at 1:30 AM and were surprised to find Dave up and waiting for us. He had already called Bob and Cindy's house trying to make sure we weren't dead on the side of the road. He didn't have any idea we were such partiers!

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