Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Bow Maker

I have decided that I need to start using my bass bow for some drills, to help with the strength of my fretting hand. I bought the bow from ebay a couple of years ago, and have no idea of how to use it. I decided that the first step was to have it rehaired, so I called the local music store in Boulder and they directed me to a guy who has his own little workshop in north Boulder--Eric Paulu.

He is a craftsman and makes and restores bows for stringed instruments. When I found his shop, I was fascinated that it was in a new little complex of condo-like units. He works downstairs and lives upstairs, as do all the rest of the folks who are part of the complex--there's a hair salon next door to him. His companion is a little Japanese bird dog.

Eric took care of my bow, rehaired it and worked on the camber(made it stiffer). It has black hair now, instead of dirty white--he said most bass bows have black hair. I think it looks more interesting with the black. He recommended that I get some sticky rosin, which I purchased on the way home from his shop. Now, I think I'm ready to go, just need to figure out the next steps. I'd better schedule a lesson with my teacher.

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