Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In The Recording Studio

My bluegrass band, Steel Pennies, went to the recording studio last week. We decided to record three original songs and submit them to the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society for their annual compilation CD. Dave wrote two of the songs; Rob wrote the third.

I like going in the studio. It makes you really focus and learn the songs very well. We use our friend Raven's studio: Purple Raven Recording, and I enjoy working with her.

My part was done quickly--in 30 minutes. We recorded each song twice. After I was done, then the hard start began. The guys recorded and re-recorded and re-re-recorded their breaks, their harmonies, their leads. Whoa. We started on Tuesday and I guess it wasn't all over until the following Monday.

Already, we all know things we could do better for next time. But for now, it's fine and the deadline from CBMS is tomorrow. So we are golden. Good progress, but lots more to improve.

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