Friday, April 3, 2009

30 Days of Healthy Living

I just finished 30 days of healthy living. I read an article by a reporter who did this program. It's not some established thing; she determined her program by using a lot of the recommendations around daily fat intake, daily exercise, etc. At the end of a month, she wrote about it. So I took her article and made a list of items to follow for 30 days and then tried to get motivated to get started.

Getting going was the hardest part. I guess I probably false-started about 4 or 5 days. When I broke the program, I made myself go back to Day 1. David said he didn't think I was going to be able to do it.

Finally, after I got to about Day 3, I had enough invested that I didn't want to start over again. Whew. That was tough. Once I got going, I did pretty well. It felt long while I was doing it--Day 10, Day 15 seemed so far away from Day 30.

I resisted home made cookies at my bandmate's house. I exercised diligently and even went to yoga some. I counted calories and grams of fat. I put on sunscreen even when I wasn't going to go outside. I didn't drink any alcohol. After a while I felt pretty determined to succeed.

Yesterday was the last day. It was one of the toughest days, too. I have decided that I am giving myself three days off from the program and then I will start again. I think I need to figure out how to make this type of program a way of living, rather than the exception. So far, today, I have done everything the same and am not overeating. I will drink some wine tonight. And I have a moonpie that I bought last weekend and have saved until today. I can't wait to eat it!

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