Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chocolate Memories

I strolled through the grocery store and as I walked down the candy aisle--in a hurry to get to the popcorn--I suddenly stopped in my tracks. The familiar package winked out at me; I hadn't seen one for for over fifteen years. When I lived in Germany, I bought those chocolates to send home to my family on their birthdays and for the holidays.

I picked up the multi-colored box (the color scheme was what caught my eye) and turned it over to study the back--yes, indeed--it said 'made in Germany.' I smiled as I placed it back in its spot. I couldn't wait to show David the next time we were at the store together. He didn't really recognize it; it didn't trigger memories for him as it did me. That's okay though--I bought a box the next chance I got to give him for his upcoming birthday.

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