Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snow--and I like it!

It is snowing today. I am ensconced in my sunroom, cat next to me on the floor, and thinking that I like this. I feel safe and warm, yet look out to see the weather and know it is cold and wet and I don't have to go out in it.

I used to hate snow. When I drove for 6 years commuting to various jobs on the other side of Denver, I dreaded snow. I followed the weather neurotically from the first day of fall onward. I obsessed over the weather reports and slept little the nights when a big snow was on the forecast. I left very early to go to work and slipped and slid and maneuvered my way past stuck buses and spun-out cards. And I despised every minute of it. It didn't help me that I had to drive 35 miles one way to get to my place of employment.

As I think back, I haven't had to do that now for six years and I am so grateful. In the time since then, I have either worked out of my home, or not felt pressured to go in to work when the weather was bad, or had a short commute. I think that the commuting in the snow and on icy roads was a very stressful, unhealthy situation. Today I commuted to my desk, to this computer.

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