Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Computer

My personal computer is getting there--to where I want it to be. I ordered it right before I started at my job at SkyWay Systems. When it came, I was already knee-deep in all the problems that the company had--hardware that didn't work, the need to hire any number of skillsets, and a spiffy website and application that had not yet been created. I was so busy at work, that at home I set up my computer on my desk and used it only for the most basic of processes. I didn't even set up its power-save settings. Until now. Now, I have explored all through it; I really like it--(two and a half years later!).

I was so excited when I ordered it, then when it came I ignored it except for email. Now it is my Friend! I instituted a no food or drink rule on the desk after I dreamed that I spilled a diet coke on it. What fun I am having with it....

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