Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Remember: Death is not your Constant Companion

I was sad on Thanksgiving. It was hard to be thankful; the first thing that came to my mind in response to all the "be thankful" drivel was that my brother is dead. My family, back in Kentucky was sad, too; it was a very hard day.

When I talked about it to David, his answer was, "Remember, Death is not your constant companion." Yes--that is Death with a capital D. David, of course, is right, just like most of the time. Death only visits me irregularly.

Death is right there beside the people in the Sudan, the Congo, Somalia. He is next to them today and all the time. He strides throughout history, frequenting favorite places like concentration camps and Rwanda. He is greedy some days, and holds back on others--like a vampire.

David's point is well taken. I am grateful to not watch people die around me all the time. This year has been taxing enough. I am still sad.

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