Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Snow

It confounds me every time. This year, just like every year in Colorado, we had a couple of weeks of mild, 70 degree weather. Then--wham! Winter came back with a vengeance. So what if it's still March? Couldn't the groundhog have been blinded on February 2?

The groundhog rule never applies in Colorado. That's what I have learned after living here for 17 years. Never, ever does Spring start winging its way in February. We get glimmers and tastes of it, then we get jerked back to reality with a foot or more of snow on the ground.

This year was no different. I kept busy watering our trees, and was preparing to plant some seeds for peas and radishes. People were wearing shorts in the grocery store and at the post office. The, lo and behold, here was winter back again. Last Thursday we had a foot of snow. Now the temperatures are once again below freezing--just as my trees were starting to leaf out. I hope they'll be okay. And really, this is the routine. I have found that it is always like this here.

Colorado doesn't boast much of a Spring. It goes from Winter to Summer. Period. That's something I miss from Kentucky. Kentucky has a lovely, long springtime. There's no snow on the tulips and apple blossoms, like here. I miss that Springtime.

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