Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Decorations 2013

It is too hard to put up the tree when we are both working (and worse is taking it down!).  But I put up a few Christmas decorations this year.  Here they are.

I set up this beautiful Christmas candle, give to us by Virginia Hobbs, on the dining room table.  The two small candles set up on opposite corners of the tablecloth I bought many years ago in Nuremberg, Germany.

Here's the mantel in the family room--resplendent!

I collected these ornament balls over some years from the old Paper Doll store that used to be on the Pearl Street Mall.  That store had a large pig out in front and lovely things inside.

I ordered these plates from an insert in a Sunday newspaper.  They depict Santa Claus in different scenarios and are titled, "A Grand Old Santa", "Christmas in Paris", "Christmas in Germany", and "Father Christmas."  I treasure them.  

Here is my nutcracker collection!

And some presents!

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