Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Empty Pot

I took three of my orchids to the local orchid shop to have them repotted. I have some beautiful Guy Wolf orchid pots that I was looking forward to finally using. When I first bought the orchids last fall, the shop staff told me to bring them in after they finished flowering and they would repot them. My friend, Sharon, owner of nearly 100 orchids (compared to my 4),had warned me to be careful about trying to repot them myself.

When I arrived at the shop, the fellow working there eyed them askance, and then after looking them over, recommended that I not do anything differently with them and especially not repot them. When I confessed that I have never given them any fertilizer, he wasn't even keen for me to do that. Orchids evidently are not big on change. So, I took them back home and they sit in their shabby containers, with their roots tangled about in the air, while my stylish pots are stowed away in the garage.

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