Monday, February 21, 2011

The Comfort of Dreams

The movie about hijacking dreams,"Inception" has been sitting on our coffee table, waiting for us to have time to watch it. We finally did last night. I was a little leery; my hairdresser told me that she was really lost in that movie, and I figured I would be too--especially since I was totally lost in Christopher Nolan's other movie, "Memento."

Oddly, something dream-related happened right before we watched the movie. My sister-in-law, Stacy, called to tell me that she had a dream about her husband and my brother Mike who passed away so suddenly two and a half years ago. Stacy said that in the dream he came to her and they were kissing and hugging each other, and crying. Stacy told everyone in the family about this. It was a huge thing to her, since Mike died of a heart attack and neither she nor anyone else had a chance to tell him goodbye. I was so glad that this dream seemed to really comfort her. She said that when she told my mom about it, Mom started crying and said she wished she could have that dream. I guess we all wish we could.

David and I then watched the movie. I had to stop it at one point and clarify with him that I was following things correctly. David was right on top of things; it wasn't confusing to him at all. I really did like it, as it felt like we were watching a puzzle being worked. When everything came full circle at the end of the movie, and we were back where we started (just like Pulp Fiction--I loved when that happened), we were both delighted. The phases of the dreams entertained me throughout. The scene would switch to the van and I would think 'Phase 1' and then they would switch to the battle in the snowy fortress and I would think 'Phase 3!' The story was incredibly creative.

Even as I watched, I would think back for a minute to Stacy and how she and Mike were reunited in her dream. Those thoughts were juxtaposed with an ongoing feeling throughout the movie that it was hard work hijacking dreams and I would never want that job!

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