Sunday, July 4, 2010

Royal Bonica Roses

These are my Royal Bonica shrub roses that I planted along a fence that I can see from our sunroom. This year, they are very happy about the wet winter and spring just past and are blooming like crazy.

A few years ago, when we went to a concert at the Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder, we walking along the plants and garden areas around the auditorium and I was enchanted with the pink flowering rose bushes planted in one of the areas. Here is a picture of those rose bushes that I took this past week when we went to another show at Chautauqua (those shows are a staple of our summers).

I loved those roses. I had a vision then, of planting similar ones along my fence and I headed out to the Garden Country to look at pink shrub roses. I decided upon the Royal Bonica type, and all but one of the nine that are along my fence are those (I can't remember what the odd bush is). I planted them and hoped they might do well.
Looking at them this year, about five years later, I feel they have more than exceeded my expectations. The second picture is from Chautauqua. The first and third are from my backyard.

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