Sunday, April 18, 2010

Steel Pennies Poster

My parents sent us money for Christmas, and one of the things that Dave suggested we do with it was have a poster framed; the poster was for the Grand Lake Bluegrass Festival and our band, Steel Pennies, was listed on the poster. So that's what we did.

Then, once we had the framed poster back, Dave wanted to take a picture to send to my parents. So, he took the picture of me and then it languished in the camera for two and a half months. It's the story of my life--I never have time.

But last week, I had time. I printed out the picture--a big one on regular paper and a smaller one on photo paper, and I mailed it off to my mom and dad. Then I promptly forgot about it until yesterday when I called home and my mother exclaimed--"We got the picture!" They were puzzled as to what I was sending them and then were delighted when they opened it up. It was pretty fun.

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