Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blossoms of Light

Dave and I went to the Blossoms of Light on Saturday evening. We hadn't been for a few years. The is an event at the Denver Botanical Gardens, where they have outfitted a lot of the trees with wonderful lights. There is a path to follow around the grounds to view all the spectacular scenery they have created.

It was really cold and there was a line to get in, but we had dressed warmly. They didn't have the event last year, due to construction at the gardens. And for a couple of years previously, we hadn't attended because the member's night was during the week and it wasn't convenient to our schedules. But this year, members got the whole weekend to go for free, so we made it a date to go to get our Christmas spirits going.

Our favorite tree was a giant one, draped in bright blue lights, with probably six or eight star shapes around the tree, asynchronously. We could see it from outside the gate and knew we liked it really well. When we got up close, we noted that it wasn't a single tree, but two or three trees, with the lights wrapped to make it appear that it was one unit. After we walked through the grounds and examined all the rest of the showy lighting, we were in agreement: the blue tree was still our favorite.

We had a nice evening and really enjoyed the event. We finished things off with dinner nearby at a small restaurant that we like in the area.

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