Saturday, October 10, 2009


Dave and I went and stayed in Breckenridge last weekend for our anniversary and one of the highlights of the weekend was the moose we saw when we went for a hike. We were on the Sawmill trail and a couple who were coming down the trail paused to tell us there was a moose ahead and to be cautious. We walked along keeping our eyes peeled and I finally spotted him across the stream, lying down and keeping an eye on us. We took some pictures and made sure to keep our distance.

We found from talking to the locals that there are two that hang around that trail, and they are well known to the people that live in Breck. We also stopped to read some signs that gave etiquette for being around mooses. It primarily said to stay away from them and that they are "unafraid but not friendly." I didn't really need to read that sign--I was too afraid to get very close and Dave was pretty cautious, too. It was great to see him though.

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